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Olivia pettifer

Olivia is a celebrity-endorsed Personal Trainer based in South West London, and has a passion for everything fitness & nutrition. From a young age she knew that she would one day be involved in the Health & Fitness industry. Her passion in this sector has only grown over the years and has developed a lot into many different fields.

From being an avid hockey player to a regular cyclist and weight trainer, she started Xtra-Fit with a view and desire to help others reach their fitness goals in a way they never thought possible. Being fit isn’t just about looking your best but feeling your best. She has had her fair share of injuries and setbacks along the way which has made her realise that health is priceless, and even small steps can make huge impact upon your future health.

Katie Charman

Katie is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer based in South west London. She discovered her passion for fitness when she was at school, realising early on that exercising was an extremely positive and rewarding hobby for her. However, she wanted to try new things and find out what worked best for her. With this in mind, she joined and then captained a Cheerleading squad as an opportunity to branch into an unknown area of fitness- and despite the preconceptions of this sport, it was here she discovered her competitive nature and drive to be the best version of herself through working out and keeping healthy.

For her, she believes there is more to fitness than just ‘working out’- it’s about instilling her personal passion for fitness into her clients so they can feel the same drive to get fit as she does. And she believes it is this healthy excitement that makes her training worth remembering and returning for.

Having spent the past 2 years studying and working as a Personal Trainer, she can say it is without doubt the best decision she has ever made, to be able to- not only help others meet their goals, and live healthier lives- but grow and continue learning from clients as well as other trainers about how to use fitness as a mechanism for a better way of living.

Rachel Burns

Rachel holds a Premier Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training, and is based in South West London. Growing up in Australia gave her a love of the outdoors and exercise which is still strong after 12 years in the UK. After working for 10 years in Human Resources she decided to retrain and focus on what she loves doing.

As a Personal Trainer, Rachel focuses on helping clients build fitness into their everyday lives and developing healthy habits. Although she trains a range of clients, she has a focus on female specific training and is trained in pre & post natal fitness, as well as continuing education in this area.

She believes that it is important that clients feel confident both in training and themselves and is there to support them every step of the way to reaching and exceeding their goals. She looks at each client individually to make sure that their programme and session design will help them to meet their goals.

Holly Prentice

Holly is a professional Dancer, Actress, Fitness Instructor and PT. She has performed in some of the biggest & most famous venues across the country and has been teaching fitness across South West London for 4 years. Although sport has always been a big part of her life, the love for fitness has progressed from a hobby to, in recent months, becoming a manager of an online fitness/wellbeing company along with her own online/outdoor fitness business.

Holly is a firm believer that everyone can achieve what they want in life- It’s out there, let me help you get it!

Imogen Marty

Imogen is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer & Level 4 RSPH Nutritional Adviser. Her mission is to bring people together and create memories through fitness.

Having transitioned from a career in Live Events, she believes she can make activities fun for everyone, regardless of age or ability. She is incredibly passionate about living life to the fullest and that is all based upon the foundation of being as fit and healthy as she possibly can be.

She is a huge advocate of balance and consistency. Everything she does is focused around living a holistic lifestyle by taking mental and social factors into consideration. She provides a premium service and prides herself on her knowledge, approachability and skill set. She absolutely loves meeting new people and would love to work with you to achieve your goals!


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