Everyone heard summer bodies are made in the winter right….

Afternoons sitting in beer gardens and sipping on pimms may not be seen again till 2018 but…. 

With the days getting shorter and temperatures starting to fall, it is easy to lose focus and feel demotivated when it comes to exercising. Training isn’t always easy during the winter, but it is important not to slack and lose all you may have gained.

Once the weather starts to drop off it is all too often to stay curled up in bed then get up and get out in the cold, wet and miserable mornings, the winter is usually the downfall for most and it gives you an extra chance of an excuse.

If you get your mindset right, and set yourself up to succeed no matter what mother nature is doing you will see extra benefits

Follow our top rules below for training in the colder months and you will be ready to rock on with your training routine come rain or shine!

1)  Dress to compress

Wear tight fitting thermal clothing underneath your usual training gear; this will allow for better heat retention. If you wear baggy clothing, your movements will replace the heat your body produces with the cold outside air, so strap on the long johns and keep warm this winter.

There is nothing worse than being soaked to the core, and you get that wet body con look. Buy yourself the appropriate kit to keep your core warm, a good waterproof running jacket should do the job as you do not want too many layers on as remember you will start to get ridiculously hot within 5 minutes of your session.

You go from one extreme of being soaked in just a t-shirt to having to peel off 10 layers of tops after every exercise. Find something light that will keep you dry.

2) Hats off to you, hats on for your training

A hat can make a big difference while training outside depending upon what you are doing, it is way too hard to try and perform a kettlebell swing while trying to wipe away the rain from your eyes, find yourself a hat that has a peak and keeps the water away from your eye line - ALL HATS WELCOME !!!

3) Sometimes it's slippery

Ensure your trainers have a good level of grip on the bottom, roads and paths will become slippery with either the water or ice on it so do your best to give you support if you are out running and be sure to wear something bright, ensure that other people can see you while you are out there as it’s not easy to spot someone dressed all in black at 6.30am.

4) Music

Keeping this short and simple, find whatever heavy tune helps get you pumped up and have a little rave in your session. High paced with loud bass usually help increase training levels and it will help ease the thought of “I should be in bed, what the hell am I doing?!”

Just make sure you keep it protected if it is wet, the last thing you want to do is break your music playing device.

5. Cool down

The cool down period is crucial in the winter months; your muscles naturally tense up more in the cold weather and you’ve just exposed your body to some seriously harsh conditions so take a few minutes to get some air before you head inside and start relaxing.

6. Shower immediately after

Sweat is intended to cool our bodies down as we exercise but as the weather gets colder we could really do without this usually beneficial effect. It’s important to wash as soon as possible after a winter workout to avoid sweat drying and cooling on your skin.

6. Dress warm post-session

After your session you need to give your body every advantage in getting back up to temperature, so once you’ve washed and dried, put some layers on to aid the recovery.

7. Drink warm drinks after exercise

It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the whole workout but ice-cold water can shock the internal organs after a session; no matter how thirst-quenching it might be, a warm drink will be more beneficial. Try green tea as it also speeds up your metabolism!

8) Just train

I cannot stress enough how brilliant it feels just being outside training in the winter months, you feel like a badass, you look like one, and you keep yourself on track to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a toned body all year round.

It will help build your mental toughness, it will reduce stress being outside, you will get some fresh air and will reduce excuses later in the year. If you can run in the snow, you can get down the gym on a normal day.

If you really honestly cannot bring yourself to be outside, then join a gym or an exercise class that is inside, the weather really shouldn't determine whether you train or not but if you find it is becoming an excuse more often than not, sign up to a gym or class membership.

I believe to stay focused on your goals, you need to adapt to situations, you might not always finish work with enough time to make your 5km evening run - but that doesn't mean wipe it out all together do 3km. Traffic might be bad and you may be late for your PT Session this doesn't mean slack off  the session hasn't started the way i wanted it too you should ensure that the remaining time you are giving it 100%. The same applies for summer and winter training, you have to adapt to the cold dark mornings, the colder air maybe the lack of motivation, but embrace it. Find a plan that works for you and be consistent and the results will start to show and your sessions donning your wooly hat will most definitely be worth it…...

In the coming months i will expand upon this and cover the nutrition side of winter training, how should you be fueling your winter workouts, what's best pre and post workout  and how to stay on track !