Why corporate fitness is the way forward 

Did you know British workers will spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifetime? The average person will also work 188 days of overtime during their professional life.

How many of us are forever coming up with ways to save time?

We live in a world where convenience is key, whether that's travel or food we want to maximise our time. Yet why are we not all jumping on the corporate fitness bandwagon. Employers are now encouraging their employees to take part in corporate fitness classes, change the way their employees look at fitness, the benefits to both employer and employee are endless so why is corporate wellness so important. 

Well, obviously, the main benefit is a healthier lifestyle, coupled with the fact that about 75% of chronic illnesses are preventable. These illnesses include cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and being overweight by 20% or more. Typically, all of these illnesses can easily be worked on and improved upon by some simple changes. While they are easily preventable, it can also be difficult to find the time to educate and put into effect simply practices, due to the fact the we spend most of our time at work, and do not have time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A corporate fitness program is the perfect answer to that.

Participating in corporate fitness programmes can also help save you money. As health costs continue to rise, more and more employers are beginning to offer discounts and rebates in exchange for wellness participation. They offer discounts because a healthy employee is a productive employee, and a productive employee is more cost efficient.


Sometimes work gets boring, repetitive and draining. This drains morale and lowers productivity. Try mixing things up by partaking in the activities and initiatives going on in your work’s wellness program that interests you. That 5k challenge? Try it out. It’s fun to try new things, don’t limit yourself. Rather, be open to improving your life through health and fitness.

Improved Productivity

Engaging in workplace wellness activities, like exercise and eating well, increases employee productivity and performance. Your brain will be better focused for tasks, and you’ll feel more energized and motivated to accomplish work. No more falling asleep and feeling burned out. Use those endorphins to benefit you to a healthier way of life. 


According to recent reports, employees who took part in a workplace wellness program are more satisfied at their jobs than those who don’t partake. The people who engaged in their companies’ program were generally more content overall with work related factors. This is because healthy living doesn’t just make you look good, but nourishes the way you feel as well. 

Builds Community

Group activities that involve health and fitness will get you connected not only more to your company, but to your fellow employees as well. You’ll start to form relationships that haven’t been available to you before because having a wellness program in place engages all members of the company. That being said, everyone will benefit from the shared experiences and your social health can thrive.

Lower Healthcare Costs

If you’re at a workplace that promotes exercise and taking care of your health for hours a day, your whole well-being will benefit. This in turn makes you less likely to get sick and injured, saving you money in the long run. Study after study confirms that workplace wellness programs reduce healthcare costs. Less doctor visits, less pills to take, less medicine. So, keep the heart disease at bay by participating in your work wellness program!

Sense Of Accomplishment

Many work wellness programs feature competitions between employees. Who can walk the most steps in a month, get 7 hours of sleep, or cut out alcohol for a week? Set some goals and try to engage in your work’s healthy atmosphere while you reap the benefits of accomplishing a healthy task as part of a team. 

Improved Physical Fitness

Taking part in the different physical activities that your work has to offer can greatly improve your physical fitness and overall well-being. Hitting the gym during your lunch break or participating in the latest class twice a week can have many evident benefits. Whatever it may be, open yourself up to the variety of physical activities your work has to offer and say hello to strength and muscle toning!

Less Stress

One of the key factors in health and wellness is learning stress management. Especially if you work in a high demand job, things can get difficult and it’s best to tackle them at the source. When we are stressed, we are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviours and destroy our mental health. Activities that encourage walking meetings, mindfulness, social engagement, and more can all help an employee feel relieved of daily built up stress. Just 30 minutes of low intensity exercise will get you feeling more relaxed in no time.

Healthier Habits

When at work for hours a day, it will be beneficial to indulge yourself in your work’s wellness program and learn new healthy habits. By doing this, you’ll learn to shift into a health-conscious mindset that benefits you. Food choices and workout schedules will be positively influenced because of your atmosphere. If you surround yourself with fellow like-minded employees then it will be even easier to strain away from the old unhealthy habits that hurt your health.