Sustainable weight loss the right way

With sunny long evenings and holidays booked, it's that time of year that everyone loves but dreads. Last week  was mental health awareness week and this got me thinking, the rise of pressure that we put on ourselves in every aspect of our life whether it's  to get “bikini ready” (or mankini ready !) or comparing ourselves to some Instagram  influencer who is advocating going on  some crazy diet to get  “body beautiful.” 

What if we stopped looking for the “quick fix” option and ditched the ridiculous weight loss pills, slimming teas and cabbage soup, for something that is sustainable and healthy. 

The biggest problem that I see in this industry is a lot of muppets overcomplicating a formula that is actually extremely simple. 

Calories in vs Calories out 

It’s as simple as that, surplus vs deficit. 

The quick fix diets will produce results- but there is no difference taking laxatives for 5 days as really that's what these “teas” are they strip your body of hydration basically flushing out any liquids in your body. Yes, I have dropped 5kg, but I feel run down, shit and dehydrated, and as soon as I start eating and drinking normally again, I am back to where I started, but just feel twice as miserable. Why do we as a population feel the need to jump on these mindless band wagons. Rome wasn't built in a day, sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle, it's about making mindful choices, understanding your body. 

“Dreaded diets” but why dread diets or dieting, why does this word now have an association with a negative mindset. A mindset that sees us depriving ourselves and cutting back, but it doesn't have to be. Keeping it simple and fun is the key, invest your time in understanding how many calories you need (BMR - easy bmr calculator https://www.calculator.net/bmr-calculator.html) not looking up the next quick fix. Fueling your body is key in feeling comfortable and glowing from the inside out. 

Life is about balance, I'll put my hands up and say this is sometimes a daily struggle for me too. Running a business, having my own goals, a work life balance, and exercising and eating healthily. Having the 80/20 rule gives me that balance. Life is also for living, particularly weekends when we want to socialise have some down time and relax. So be strict during the week and relax a bit when you have some socialising or events coming up ...you’re not an elite athlete. (They even use periodization cycles, to balance their training.) You don’t have to look for these fixes. If your goal is to drop your body fat % for your holiday or dropping a few kgs do it in a healthy sustainable way. Think about what alterations can I make. Does this mean swapping white bread for brown or reducing an afternoon snack, or incorporating another workout into my week.  It doesn't mean fasting for 16 hours and then eating baby food. 

Be mindful be consistent and you will see results. Keep the numbers simple: IN vs OUT, Healthy mindset healthy body. Feel good from the inside out.