The Shortest Motivation Advice

I hear this all the time “How do I get, and stay, motivated to eat well and work out?”

Motivation is mandatory, right? If you want to get fit or transform your body, you need the proper motivation to get your butt in the gym and making good choices in the kitchen. Let’s bring this to life with a visual for how most people view motivation.

What most people think happens:

motivation → action (i.e., motivation comes first, and that leads to action)

What, oftentimes, really happens:?

action → results → motivation → more action …

Oftentimes action precedes motivation. Successful people know this, and it’s why they act — especially when they’re void of motivation. (“Results” don’t have to be dramatic, like losing 10 pounds. With working out, for example, it could be learning a new exercise, doing a little better than the previous workout, moving and feeling better, etc.)

Consistent action produces results. That is what leads to motivation, which generates more action, which leads to greater motivation. It’s a powerful force once set into motion.Regardless of what you want to achieve – be it fat loss, getting stronger, or something completely unrelated to health and fitness – the solution is obvious: act now. Do something that will lead you to your goal; do it today, especially if you don’t feel like it. The results you achieve from taking action will likely evoke the motivation you crave.