How to get the most from your home workouts

Most of us are currently trialing at home workouts. Are you still experimenting with what works for you?

In today’s blog we are going to discuss how we can provide body weight workouts that challenge our body and continue to work towards our goals. A lot of us are training for a purpose, it's important to keep pushing yourself to get the most out of your workout, so how do you turn it up a notch and make the exercise more challenging..

  • VARY REP RANGE: Volume is an important factor to turn your normal 1012 rep sets into 20 rep sets.
  • TEMPO: In a previous blog of mine we discussed TUT (Time Under Tension) increasing the TUT can really challenge the muscle groups add a pause or a hold in there too for an extra challenge.
  • INCREASE SETS:  Supersets, Drop sets or simply more sets, again this goes back to volume, increasing your workload places more tension on the muscles, stimulating muscle growth.
  • REDUCE REST PERIODS:  A simple yet an effective one, less rest more intensity.
  • ADD RESISTANCE:  A bit of a no brainer, improvise with what you can use (hello Gin Bottles, kitchen chairs, watering cans, plant pots) Increase the resistance on those body weighted exercises.
  • CHANGE THE ANGLE/POSITION: Take a look at your hand placement, your foot placement, work the body through different angles and mix it up.

A lot of gym goers will boohoo bodyweight exercises as the “easy option” and think by doing body weighted exercises we are just doing another HIIT workout, but this doesn't have to be the case. Find your purpose, challenge your body and mix it up. At home training doesn't have to be Monotonous and boring.

We don't have to plateau just because we are working from home. Set some goals and keep moving ;) 

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