Whats up and coming in the world of fitness

We’ve never before exercised so much. And our obsession with all things health and fitness shows no signs of abating. But this year we’re going to get smarter about working out. Instead of mindlessly smashing HIIT sessions in the gym, we’re going to slow down the pace with LISS training and Pilates.

And exercise is getting more hi-tech: from our personal data flashing up on a screen for all to see mid class, to virtual reality crushing the boredom of your average circuit class, prepare for your workouts to go digital. Read on for the biggest trends in fitness this year. 

which will you be trying out?


While HIIT (high-intensity interval training) remains a firm favourite among fitness fanatics, LIIT (low-intensity interval training) is hot on its heels. While HIIT focuses on short bursts of seriously tough exercise, LIIT requires your intensity to be slower, paired with a longer recovery time. E.g. A 90-second sprint followed by a walking recovery of up to five minutes. As it’s less hardcore than HIIT, it’s useful for those who’re new to fitness, and offers plenty of benefits. It’s just as effective as more intense workouts for weight loss.

2. Wearable tech

I am a big fan of this we revolve our entire day around technology to make our lives easier, why not incorporate this into our fitness goals. As technology is advancing, so does our ability to track our fitness and take on sci-fi style workouts. Virtual reality workouts are taking off, with treadmills featuring headsets that take you on scenic routes or immerse you in a new, exciting world – it’s the perfect distraction that’ll help you enjoy your workout for longer.

3. Tracking apps

As we know, working out is only part of staying in shape. That’s why the next generation of diet tracking apps are a very useful addition to our lives. 2018’s apps are a lot like having a personal dietician in your pocket – you can even have your DNA tested, in order to tailor your diet to suit your personal nutrition needs.

4. Budget burn

We are increasingly strapped for cash as a nation. But that shouldn’t stand between us and a good workout – that’s why value fitness classes and gym memberships remain firm favourites across the country. While six-month contracts used to be the norm, now you can get instant access to gyms with no cancellation period or fee. Seek out park-based boot camps and gyms with free access to classes to get the heart rate pumping !

5. Yoga bunnies

Yoga remains top of the hit list for calming but toning workouts. If you haven’t jumped on this trend already, try it out as it’s only going to grow through 2018. If you’re looking for a way to relax after work, but get your fix of core-strengthening fitness too, this could be just the thing for you.

I have just touched upon a few this survey below was taken from over 4100 health and fitness professionals worldwide. ACSM is careful to note the distinction between ‘fad’ and ‘trend’, ensuring that the professionals were voting from the perspective of behavioral changes as opposed to a fleeting fashion.

What are some trends that you’re loving at the moment that you’d like to see continue  this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you liked my trend predictions, be sure to check out my posts on the @xtrafit.london Instagram Page.