Expectations Vs Sacrifices

Expectations: Have you ever seen those runners (barely breaking a sweat) jogging along the Thames? Or those marathon trainers by the canal at Hammersmith? That looks easy enough! You've booked yourself in for hot yoga on Monday, Reformer Pilates on Tuesday, boxing on Wednesday, PT on Thursday and Spinning on Fridays. An hour before work should be easy peasy!

Reality: Let's be honest, you're exhausted from even reading that list. You had good intentions but come Thursday, the only thing you're lifting are pints…. And in turn what do you get from this, apart from being severely pissed off you can't stick to the plan set.

We have touched upon mindset in a previous blog. But so many of us are setting ourselves these high expectations (Don't get me wrong, Ithink this is great) but do we ever question…Feasibility, Time, Reality, Recovery and our everyday life in general. It’s ok to set expectations high, but be realistic because in doing so your just going to piss yourself off when you don’t hit these highs. 

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Me at the Gym - Heavy lifting

But if we look at the other end and talk about sacrifices, how many of us are willing to go that extra mile, to achieve what we want. You may want to look like a Victoria secret model ,but are you aware of the sacrifices needed to achieve “this look.” 

  • I think its important to set yourself a benchmark and that's why i always go back to goal setting. YOU have to be realistic, it's a process not an overnight fix. 
  • Question your commitment, set time frames, whether this is training for a race of a wedding, or for your summer cut, the more specific we are the more realistic we are. 
  • In an industry quite frankly full of Boom Body Tea bullshit it’s important to sift through the online nonsense from muppets who quite frankly are misleading you to make an extra buck - Be Smart … Quick fixes and cutting corners don’t work or we would all be doing them. 
  • How much do you want it …  Have you Set a goal on a Monday, come Friday the sun is out your friends are trying to drag you to the beer garden, next thing you know your a 8 tequilas deep and dancing on the table. You wake up with a mouth like Ghandi's flip flops and the only thing going to sort this out is a trip to the golden archway to eat your way through your body weight in mc chicken nuggets !! - But was it worth it.. Did you have fun ? 
  • Have you got our life balance right. You can commit to the summer 6 pack and the 12% body fat but do you know the lifestyle that you have to adhere to to achieve these goals, the impact upon your social life, family life and willpower.

My mantra has always been healthy body healthy mind, the two come hand in hand. But my message is get your balance right, find what works for you.If your working 45 hours a week in the city and trying to become a full time athlete be realistic with your expectations. 

The truth is you can effect incredible change in your body, but it will take time and consistent effort, not short-term effort and unrealistic expectations.

You have to truly invest in yourself and embrace the journey to see the changes you want to see. You have to set that benchmark.