Today's Blog is a bit of a different one… “Sorry I can’t today, my sister's friend's mother's grandpa's brother's grandson's uncle's fish died and yes it was tragic". 

Are you living a life of endless excuses…

I was watching a film over the weekend “Yes Man” and it got me thinking how many times you question things - whether thats “can i be bothered to go to the gym”, “i have booked a class but i am tired” or” i simply can't be bothered”,”i don’t know how”, “i just can't change” “it’s just not the right time”
You can get easily stuck in a rut of negative ways, this film made me realise  that living in the affirmative leads to all sorts of amazing and transforming experiences. 

But why do we make excuses. 

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of embarrassment 
  • Fear of success 
  • Fear of uncertainty 
  • Fear of responsibility 
  • Fear or making mistakes 
  • Perceived lack of confidence or resources. 

Living a life of excuses can have dire and lasting consequences. Not only will excuses prevent you from reaching your full potential, but they will also  hold you back from recognizing opportunities, strengths and skills you might have. 

If you don't challenge yourself to reach new heights, you will never really know what you're truly capable of whether this be in health and wellbeing or other parts of your everyday life from work to relationships and hobbies. 
For the next week every time you go to say No or make up an excuse think. What’s really stopping you from making the change you want (Dig a little deeper.) The amount of people i speak to who tell me they are stuck in a job they hate, but don't have time to look for a new one…. But what's really stopping them, is the fear of not finding another job therefore losing their income, and before you know it they have a list as long as their arm of excuses.

Can’t  & Cans 

For some of us there is an insidious little voice we have inside us that tells us that the change we want isn't possible, “it's not going to work”, “it's too difficult, we can't do it” That making that change needs a strength of confidence we don’t have.Challenge this little voice, ask yourself why, what options have i got, what alternatives are there, if it looks difficult how can i make it easier, this will often help you realise that there is a way that works for you  and by building and strengthening your belief - it is possible after all. 

Looking beyond your excuse

Ask yourself What if …?

Don't have time ? - What if you had all the time in the world

No money ? - What would you do if money wasn't important ? and if you had all the money you needed ?

Opening your mind and field of vision. 

Get around your excuse and Obstacles 

Real life obstacles happen but don't use them as a long term deterrent, it’s about acknowledging the real-life obstacles, and seeking ways to work around it. Summer 2016 i tore my Gastrocnemius which resulted in a  grade 3 rupture. At the time i was fuming i was training hard, just qualified as a spin instructor and was growing my personal training business. This was a massive set back for me and quite frankly i spent the first 5 days in such a defeatist attitude. I can't sit still at the best of times and it was driving me insane, i lost my motivation and started making excuses. After these 5 days i got a much needed slap round the face and thought use this time wisely. I rewrote my training plan and incorporated an upper body and ab split and enrolled on a nutrition course. I hobbled into the gym on crutches, throwing all excuses to lay on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle out of the window. This wasn't a permanent obstacle just a little hiccup along the way.

 So  the most important message i believe is live a life you love, the happier you are and the more satisfied you are, you won't have to say i can’t, i wont.