Cause & Effect

Have you ever pondered the gap between the real world and the fantasy world – as far as health and fitness is  concerned? I realise that question is wide open… The health and fitness world is often deemed a world of perfection over performance and a divide between make-believe and reality.

If I were to read a fitness magazine, I might be led to believe that drinking a certain protein shake and performing certain exercises would eventually yield the body of the man or woman  on the cover. Never mind his/her genetics, my genetics, their medical background, or their dietary requirements. Or, if I were to pick up training books, I might be led to believe that training with free weights or machines, and following magic rep schemes is the only way to build a body that is both strong and looks good. Better yet, If I Google diets, I may be absolutely convinced that to be lean I need to reduce my intake of carbs and up my intake of fat. OR depending on which links I click on first, I could be absolutely convinced of the exact opposite. I need to up my carbs and reduce my fat – on days of the week that end with the letter “y.”

Misconception is rife and my point is, there is a great deal of hype, misinformation, generalisation, misapplication, disregard, narrow-casting, broad stroking, and extremes in the health and fitness world. I suppose this happens in any “world” but I do believe it’s worse in the fitness industry because everyone wants to feel and look good, as they should. After all, we have a right to feel good. It’s in our design. We are made to move well, feel well, and perform well. I believe we also have a right to look good; both in the eyes of others as well as in our own eyes. Sadly, we often see ourselves in a negative light, though much of that could be because of the messages put out by the fitness industry and the rest of the world, I touched upon this in a previous blog on how social media is affecting our mindset and outlook. 

When we see a post on social media does this cause us to think a certain way? what is the effect on those thoughts …. Do we plan our next workout or do we run to the biscuit jar !!! 

We use  cause and effect on a day to day basis without even realising it. Our actions are run by our mind and it's so easy to be caught up in the “Perfection poking “ world of fitness influencers some of whom are marketing useless products for what is frankly their own financial gain. 

It’s time to think outside the box… Will making time to move whether that’s exercise (or NEAT - Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)  going to a pilates class or taking your pooch out for a walk, make you relax, have added time for yourself or improve your health. (Say by  lowering my weight or body fat percentage or improving my range of motion post injury.)

In turn the effect could be  - Better mood, greater self esteem, lower cholesterol or better posture. Causation is happening all the time, but it’s how you turn the positive into the negative that will eventually change your mindset. If Your following people on instagram who have a negative impact on you unfollow them. you don’t have to be drawn into a tunnel of negative thoughts. 

Next time think why ? 

What am I gaining from this ?

How am i going to go about this ?

How is this going to benefit me not just physically, but also psychologically.