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Stretching? Why bother
Olivia | 27 August
This is the attitude of many a gym goer who leave the gym on that high endorphin-fuelled level and think YES! workout done and who cares about tomorrow.
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The Truth About Hydration
Olivia | 14 August
I have to admit i am on of those people who really struggle with water intake, i have to constantly remind myself to drink water adn to keep hydrated. I
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How sleep affects your body
Olivia | 11 August
Sleep and DietIt’s an undoubted and unrivalled privilege to get a good 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and it seems that a huge 35% of people are in fact
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How to Deadlift
Olivia | 24 July
The deadlift is picking a dead weight off the floor and standing up straight with it. It is one of the three lifts in powerlifting (the others are squat and
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Top Tips for Better Gut Health
Olivia | 17 July
Better Gut Health Advice:However, for me, I’m not an expert or a specialist in gut health, and so can’t offer more than the basics when it comes to advice
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Male Vs. Female Training
Olivia | 12 July
Many women ask themselves how they should be training differently from guys. Find out why women should not fear the weights!One question many women ask
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Sugar How much are you consuming ....?
Olivia | 28 June
Sugar bashing is all the rage these days, and with good cause. Studies over many years have pointed to sugar as, at the very least, an accomplice, if not the
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Fact or Myth?
Olivia | 05 June
Myth 1: The Healthiest Diet is a Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet With Lots of Grains Several decades ago, the entire population was advised to eat a low-fat, high-
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All or Nothing Approach
Olivia | 22 May
Look familiar? Most people ping-pong between both extremes. They do it “all” perfectly (e.g., follow their diet without deviation, do every workout as written
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Want to stay Consistent
Olivia | 15 May
 Luckily, this is where some fun programming can come into play! Based on what equipment you have available, what you’re used to doing, and how long you’
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Foam Rolling
Olivia | 04 May
5 Health Benefits of Foam Roller Exercises 1. Improved flexibility and increased joint range of motionFor years, stretching was the standard method to
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