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Olivia | 20 November
“Ever heard me say on certain high intensity exercises  that you will keep burning more energy after the session Well here’s the science behind that;
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Winter Blues
Olivia | 13 November
A lot of people in the UK suffer from S.A.D, also known as seasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder that causes otherwise positive people to have symptoms
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Night out vs Workout
Katie | 08 November
And it happens to the best of us that the weekend comes and our approach to the healthy lifestyle of the weekdays goes straight out the window. And yet,
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Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins
Olivia | 30 October
Did you know there are multiple health benefits of adding pumpkin to your diet…? It is one of the very low-calorie vegetables. 100 g fruit provides just 26
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'Tis the Season to be Fit and Healthy
Katie | 23 October
There's an unspoken rule that weight gain over Christmas just comes with the territory- and you're not wrong. In fact the British Heart Foundation provided
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Olivia | 16 October
What is now considered to be the optimal fuel for a flawless physique is a far cry from what was devoured a decade ago in the name of fitness. Few would
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The London Marathon
Katie | 09 October
It was the 23rd April this year when I woke up and headed to the kitchen- turned on the TV to see thousands upon thousands of colourful people filling the
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Winter Training
Olivia | 02 October
Follow our top rules below for training in the colder months and you will be ready to rock on with your training routine come rain or shine!1)  Dress to
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Trainers: Make the right choice!
Olivia | 28 September
I remember a time when trainers were strictly for exercising and PE at school, and then suddenly we have entered into a time where we seem to have a pair of
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Olivia | 18 September
Metabolism can vary a lot between people, and researchers don't understand whyIt's true that two people with the same size and body composition can have very
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Homemade Breakfast Granola Recipe
Olivia | 11 September
So, we hit the cereal aisle- many temptations fly across our eye line... shredders are always a win, coco pops maybe? But the chocolate is so bad for us!
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Journey back 30 years to see what's changed, what hasn't, and what's next in the world of fitness !!
Olivia | 30 August
The 1980sWhile I was not around to appreciate this decade its legacy lives on through one name that all women still associate with exercise (or at least, a
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