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Romanian Deadlift Vs Stiff Legged Deadlift
xax | 26 November
Muscles Targeted Both the RDL and SLDL target the same primary muscles which are the glutes, hamstrings and low back (additional work is done by the upper
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Xtra-Fit in Life Magazine Dec 2018
xax | 23 November
Xtra-Fit page in Life Magazine December 2018 click for PDF (480 Kb) With an estimated global worth of 3.7 trillion and double digit annual growth since 2010
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Unilateral and Bilateral Movement Training
xax | 12 November
Which one should you put your focus on? Well, many "functional" fitness gurus preach that you should primarily use single-limb movements. They'll
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xax | 06 November
Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the world, with 25 million farmers in 25 countries producing coffee.If you have a hard time functioning in the
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Why you should incorporate pumpkins into your diet this halloween
xax | 29 October
Pumpkins can add real nutritional value to your diet. A Lot of Brands are jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon, Starbucks has sold more than 100 million pumpkin
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Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers
xax | 23 October
While little data could be found in the sports nutrition literature specifically, it was revealed elsewhere that veganism creates challenges that need to be
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Why is Balance Training Important?
xax | 16 October
Balance and flexibility are way more important than most people give them credit for. And you’ll notice this by paying a single visit to any commercial
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Gym classes vs Gym training
xax | 09 October
The reality is, taking group fitness classes at a gym following workout DVDs at home or your own gym training programme, are both great options to
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Adapting your exercise regime dependant on your age
xax | 17 September
I always advocate proper technique  and form above all, but as we age, education about our ever changing bodies is also critical in getting optimum
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How social media can affect your motivation
xax | 10 September
Some of these posts are great. I follow quite a few, well known fitness gurus along with athletes and fitness related businesses, but there is a fine line
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Full body weight pull up
xax | 03 September
Pull-ups help correct an increasingly prevalent postural issue—upper crossed syndrome. Shoulders that round forward and “text neck” are
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Do you fast or don the breakfast club
xax | 30 August
I myself have sat on both sides of the fence with this one. There is no right or wrong answer despite so many articles over the years stating that skipping
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