Our Approach

Xtrafit pride ourselves on offering a professional unique personal training service that fits into your schedule and finances to help you achieve your goal whatever that may be. Professional and friendly one-to-one and group fitness training in south-west London.

We can help you “Look Better “Feel Better” “Perform Better”.

What we do

We transform bodies and deliver weight loss in an intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring way. Our programmes combine the very best nutrition, exercise, and mind-set and lifestyle advice, integrating the latest science with practical, real-world suggestions. Our Programmes are tailored to work with your lifestyle and changes as you progress week by week.

At our initial consultation we will outline your aims and goals while understanding your lifestyle. We will then put together a programme which will support and motivate you to enable you to meet these goals. We will guide you to find the balance you need to re-wire habits. With the commitment no goal is to big with consistence, education, training and nutrition Xtrafit will help you meet your goals.