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Did someone say Spring..?
xax | 18 February
Did you know …...Heart attacks blight the lives of 188,000 Britons annually, killing around 73,000 people every year. Meanwhile, every year there are
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EMOM Workouts
xax | 04 February
EMOM workouts, otherwise known as “Every Minute on the Minute,” are a fun and creative way to manipulate your work-rest ratio during workouts. A
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What are the benefits of using a heart rate monitor?
xax | 22 January
Sometimes it’s hard to determine just how much is too much when it comes to training.It can also be just as hard to determine reasons why a workout may
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Is your office job destroying your health?
xax | 14 January
Everyone has taken sick days, whether it’s due to a cold, muscle pain, stress or mental health reasons. 137.3 million working days were lost due to
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The Mind Clearing Magic Of Running 
xax | 07 January
I came across this fitting quote so thought i would share it with you The author Joyce Carol Oates wrote in a column for the New York Times that
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Christmas Workouts
xax | 17 December
5 Rounds For Christmas  Every round add 5 reps/5 calls to the desired exercise.  A1) DB Press 5,10,15,20,25 A2) KB Swings 5,10,15,20,25 A3)
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Why corporate fitness is the way forward 
xax | 12 December
We live in a world where convenience is key, whether that's travel or food we want to maximise our time. Yet why are we not all jumping on the corporate
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10,000 steps per day ....
xax | 07 December
10,000 steps a day is achievable for most of us. But isn’t it a bit arbitrary? Should a reasonably fit 33-year-old woman and an overweight middle-aged
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Romanian Deadlift Vs Stiff Legged Deadlift
xax | 26 November
Muscles Targeted Both the RDL and SLDL target the same primary muscles which are the glutes, hamstrings and low back (additional work is done by the upper
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Xtra-Fit in Life Magazine Dec 2018
xax | 23 November
Xtra-Fit page in Life Magazine December 2018 click for PDF (480 Kb) With an estimated global worth of 3.7 trillion and double digit annual growth since 2010
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Unilateral and Bilateral Movement Training
xax | 12 November
Which one should you put your focus on? Well, many "functional" fitness gurus preach that you should primarily use single-limb movements. They'll
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xax | 06 November
Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the world, with 25 million farmers in 25 countries producing coffee.If you have a hard time functioning in the
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